Abstract Submission

Abstract submission will open 15th November 2012 until 15th February 2013.

Please use the abstract form provided here to send us your contribution.

Once you have filled out the abstract form, send it by e-mail to 4thswm@gmail.com.
Please include the word “Abstract” in the subject line.

Guidelines for abstract preparation: If you prepare your abstract in another application for subsequent copy-paste into the pdf form, please note that each field is of fixed size. Since not all letters occupy equal space, the maximum amount of text you can enter depends on the particular text (e.g. "mammas" occupies more space than "little"), blank lines, etc., but you may consider the following guidelines (spaces included): Title, ~200; author list, ~260 characters; affiliations, ~430 characters; abstract, ~2500 characters.

Our intention is that all presentations will be oral presentations. Please contact us if you prefer to present your work on a poster.